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About Me

"The only thing that gets your book written is bum glue and fingers moving."

I've been writing everything from short stories to poetry to novels for the past 35 years.  I first began my writing journey at 15 when I was but a wee scribbler who sat at the back of my creative writing teacher's rural school classroom.  I started out writing horror, and even wrote a werewolf novel at 16, entering it in the now-defunct "Avon Flare Novel Competition".  Out of thousands of entries, my unedited manuscript was one of the last 20 singled out for the winner.  

That was all the encouragement I needed.

Several novels, countless short stories, and various poetry later, I'm still at it.  I find writing to be therapeutic, enjoyable, and exciting.  I write science fiction for the bored science fiction reader.  Maybe you've read all the Heinlein, Asimov, Clarke, and LeGuin and you want something new.  Maybe you just need someone to edit your manuscript (not revise... that's your job).  I will probably keep writing, podcasting, blogging, and creating until my brain eventually runs dry of ideas, but that's not anytime soon.

I live in Norman, Oklahoma with my remarkable wife.  I am father to four great kids and share a home with several dogs of various sizes and ages.  I teach English at the best high school in the world, Norman High School (Go Tigers!).