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Talk Nerdy to Me...

Roger Colby, science fiction novelist and Richard Kutz, pop culture expert and fanboy deluxe, take you on a raucous journey as they review current pop culture/science fiction topics. Join them for discussions about current science fiction books, shows and video games and laugh along with them as they review most everything fanboy. Each week they will also pick out the "Movie of the Week" for you to watch (or not watch).


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Writing Tips for the Self-Publisher

In this solo podcast Roger offers writing tips selected from several years of articles found on his popular blog "Writing Is Hard Work".  He also interviews local authors and artists, discusses writing exercises and current projects, and generally offers advice for the novelist who hasn't been able to shake the day-job.  If you want to publish on the cheap, this is your podcast!


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Down Home Hypocrisy

On this podcast, Roger Colby and Richard Kutz (two evangelical Christians) discuss topics within the American brand of Christianity which they feel convicted to criticize due to their extra-biblical nature.  They feel that the evangelical church is being hijacked by political gain, bigotry and lazy theology.  This is not just a call for correction but an offer of help and a road to peace, as Roger and Richard always offer their two cents (loaded with scripture) to help their Christian brothers and sisters be more like Jesus.  After all, isn't that what it's all about anyway?