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10 Science Fiction Novels Every Writer Should Read

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My writer’s heart beats to the drum of a hyperdrive engine.  I absolutely love science fiction.  I have been heavily influenced by the great science fiction novelists whose worlds I have traveled while lying on the couch, riding on a bus or sitting in the back of the family car on vacation road trips.

Great science fiction does three things:  (1) It uses the genre to comment on some universal question that all of us have as humans.  (2)  It creates a believable world that is immersive and flows like water through our psyche, and we don’t get hung up on the particulars of the science part of the fiction.  (3)  It is well written, placing it in the category of literature rather than entertainment.

And so begins the list.  Tighten down your hyperdrive motivator.  (Caveat:  These are in no particular order.  That would be criminal.)

I hope this list was good enough for you.  If you have any others you would add to the list, then by all means post away.  Your suggestions are welcomed freely.

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