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2 Days Until My Book Releases…Or the World Ends

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I received the book back from the proofer (quick job, but thorough) and am finally finished with all the corrections.  Book 3 will hit the Kindle and Nook market on Friday on schedule…unless the world ends.

I feel strange since finishing this novel that took about 18 months of my life to complete.  I’m looking forward to playing around with it and getting it ready for the print release of all three books in one compendium on January 17th.  Everything is moving along on schedule, and I couldn’t be happier…unless Friday is the end in which case I have my towel and my babel fish ready;)

Way the World Ends #2: Global Economic Collapse

With the United States teetering on the brink of a fiscal cliff, Greece and Spain’s Euro troubles, and the purposeful devaluation of the Yuan, things couldn’t look more bleak for the world economy, but are we headed for a global economic collapse?  MIT researchers feel that it could happen as late as 2030, but more realistically, the dollar could fall soon with Asian markets trying to vie for currency supremacy.

The positive side for the world and not necessarily for the U.S. is that the world markets are recovering from the slowdown even if the United States is falling apart.  In my novel, the United States is basically a third world country, but the effect of that had global implications later on as we hit peak oil and no one was developing any other type of energy source.  The fiscal cliff in the United States may be too little too late, and many people will suffer the consequences of partisan bickering.  The ideas that our government have proposed are all laid out in the following graph:

Image courtesy The Washington Post

I actually have a bet going with a friend ($1) that our government is so inept and cranky that they will allow us to go over the cliff anyway. I know this is very ironic, but soon that dollar we bet won’t be worth setting on fire.  Friday is the end of the world anyway, so I suppose he won’t have to pay up…or will he?

We’ll see.  My bet is that I’ll get enough to at least buy a soda from the pop machine in the teacher’s lounge.

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