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3 Days Until My Book Is Finished…Or the World Ends

Full Moon view from earth In Belgium (Hamois)....

Full Moon view from earth In Belgium (Hamois). Français : Pleine Lune vue de la Terre en Belgique à Hamois. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have received my proof back from one proofreader, and there are a few things that need to be changed, but overall they feel it is pretty solid stuff.  Looking forward to uploading the final chapter to Kindle and Nook and then preparing for the print edition to arrive on digital shelves in January.

Way the World Ends #3: Moon Collision

This goes hand in hand with the meteor crash, but have you ever taken a close look at the moon?  It is pock marked with millions of huge craters and cracks.  What if a large enough meteor or outer space object were to smash into the moon hard enough and with enough mass to send it bouncing off of its trajectory to collide with the earth?  This scenario is probably not as probable as an asteroid hitting earth (and the earth is a bigger target) but let’s just say that the moon was knocked out of orbit and went off into space?  The results could be just as catastrophic.

Do you realize how important the moon is to the delicate balance of life on earth?  Very.  The moon stabilizes the earth’s “wobble” which also stabilizes our weather, our tides and generally life on earth.  Without the moon, the earth would spin much faster, creating terrible havoc with our weather systems.

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