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3 Reasons I’m Getting My Own Domain Name

I’ve thought about it for a while, and have decided that on Monday my blog will no longer have the word “wordpress” in my URL.  It will only cost me $18 a year, and here are the benefits I will reap:

1. Professional Image – My blog will no longer be “just another WordPress blog”, but will have a more professional look.  I have already started by changing the look of the blog so that more articles are visible and so that the archives are more easily accessed.  This will make things easier for my readers to find the necessary content they need.

2. Easier for Google Searches – Having your own domain name makes it easier for Google to connect readers with content on the internet.  When they are searching for writing tips, they are going to be able to find content on my site with little effort.  Google will index my site so that it pops up more often when people search for writing tips.

3. Easy to Remember – How many times have people not found my blog because they forgot to put “wordpress” in the URL?  With the domain name being writingishardwork.com, it will be much easier to market it to people and to tell people when they ask about it.

Consider getting your own domain name.  It will change the way the internet sees you, and could possibly grow your readership.

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