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5 Authors With Style Worth Studying

Style is defined as the characteristic manner of expression in prose or verse or how a particular writer phrases things.  If we are to become better writers, we must develop our own sense of style.  According to the Dictionary of Literary Terms & Theory, “the analysis of style involves examination of a writer’s choice of words, figures of speech, the devices (rhetorical and otherwise), the shape of the sentences (whether they be loose or periodic), the shape of the paragraphs – indeed, of every conceivable aspect of language use and the way in which it is used.”

Study great style to find great style.  I have compiled a list of five authors and one novel by each which exemplifies that author’s style.  Please find these books and read them in order to study great style.

If you have read any authors whose style is worth studying, by all means post them below.  I am always reading new novels, looking for that added lesson I might learn from other great writers.

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