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5 Fears Writers Must Overcome

Killing Fear

Over the years I have become more and more determined in my quest for greater distribution of my work, and along that journey I have had to not just overcome but put to rest many fears that I had about being an independent novelist.  I have three novels under my belt at present, and am cooking up a fourth, with a nationally published short story (“Rust”) and an article in Short Story Writer as well.

I didn’t get here by cowering in a literary corner.

Below is a list of several things that have plagued me over the years, and how I managed to put them to rest:

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not listening
Youtube University
  1. I’ll Probably Only Sell To My Family and Friends – If your only aspiration for writing a novel is to be a best seller, then you might as well go spend your money more wisely and buy a lottery ticket.  The chances of becoming a best selling author are pretty slim and just as likely.  Kristen Lamb wrote a very good breakdown of what it takes over on her blog.  The point here is not to get bogged down in the idea of

Love Mom

Above all, don’t stop writing.  Keep at it.  When you can’t write a novel, then write a short story or some poetry or something.  Don’t approach this writing thing as a novice, but learn the trade, take some classes, listen to critics, and if you aren’t happy doing this, then by all means do something else.

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