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5 Steps to Shaking Writing Doldrums

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Not only that…school begins in less than a week.

I’m an English teacher, but I also direct an alternative education program, an online schooling supplement and sponsor the junior class.  Something has to give, most times, and unfortunately writing is one of those things I do now when I have time.  But I also have 4 teenage kids.

I will find time.

However, I am finding that this current series is dragging its feet even though I have the outline done and know where it’s going.  The problem is that I also have three other books I’d like to write waiting in the wings.

(They aren’t waiting.  Actually I’m working on them most of the time when I should be writing the final chapter of Five Rims.)

But, I figured out how to finish the project even though I’m in the doldrums about it.  I don’t want the quality to suffer because I want to move on to other projects.  So how do I do that?

  1. Re-ignite the Excitement – I pour over the original notes every time I get stuck on a scene or just grow tired of writing in that world.  I try to figure out what made the original idea so exciting for me and try to dwell there.  I try to talk to someone about the ideas I have, mainly to get myself rolling on the task of finishing the book.

  2. Write No Matter What – I set aside a time each day to write at least a certain quota of word count even though my heart isn’t in it.  I push through and get it done and then reward myself by working on the other projects I have planned for the future.

  3. Set a Finish Goal – I have a deadline in October to finish the rough draft.  I will get it done if I keep with #2, and then I can go through and edit and revise so that it will make more sense and will be more pleasing to a reader’s eye.

  4. Get the Cover Designer Cracking – I have a cover designer, and I’ve already sent scenes and an outline to him for perusal.  I’m sure he’ll give me some proofs in a few months, and then I’ll be on my way to finishing the thing.

  5. The Long Weekend – I’m off on Fridays as we only have a 4 day school week.  This allows me to grade papers on Friday, but it also gives me a solid afternoon to work on the book, and I will devote that to the book entirely.  I’ll go to the library, find a quiet place, and get done.  Marathon the thing.

Do you have some tried and true ways to get yourself moving toward a finish line with your current project?  Please comment or post them below.  I’d love to share ideas with you.

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