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5 Tips To Becoming A More Conversational Writer

two old guys

Nobody likes to read someone drone on and on without the spice of genuine conversation.

One of the problems that we face as writers is figuring out what type of voice is appropriate for any particular genre or medium. I always tell my students to write essays in third person and with formal diction, but some of the more lively papers control their voice and create a consistency that sells whatever persuasive idea they are pitching.

Regardless of genre or medium, the following 5 tips should help you on your journey to write in a more conversational manner without sacrificing the glue of content.

get real
write a journal
writing group

I hope these tips helped you to focus on this area.  Perhaps you have another tip you would like to add below, maybe something that has helped your writing become more conversational.  Leave a comment, and happy writing!

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