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A Day at the Pumpkin Patch With My Boo

I have four children, and my youngest is Meagan, a little bundle of fire we call “Boo”.  The reason for this is because she was a surprise baby and the name just stuck.  I love her very much, and I draw much inspiration from her personality which is spunky, brimming with a weird sense of humor and is always loves first and asks strange questions later.

I missed going to the pumpkin patch with my other three children, as my wife Kristie took this task upon herself.  I was always caught in the middle of giving a mid-term or some other job related task.  This year I made it a point to go with her, and she was visibly and audibly excited about the trip that she told me so every day for two weeks up until our arrival at TG Farms in Newcastle, Oklahoma.

The most important thing, however, was the joy on my youngest daughter’s face who often feels left out in my family because she is so small.  She has no reason to feel this way other than what she makes up in her mind, for we include her in everything.  It is simply part of growing up as the smallest child in the family.  I wanted to have this day out with her for some time and we indeed spent the entire day together, just the two of us.  We later went to run some errands together but I made sure to take her to Braum’s for a cone of her favorite birthday cake flavored ice cream and also made a visit to Toys R Us to help her “figure out what she wanted for Christmas.”

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