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A Strange Reason For Writing Even Though I’m Not Famous

I’ve been at this writing game for most of my life.  I started writing short stories, horror stories, in high school and the writing bug has never let me go.  There have been periods of my life where I have been more prolific than others, but all in all I continue to write.

I’ve had some little successes.

My novel This Broken Earth, a post apocalyptic story told in first person omniscient is still doing well and has sold over 2000 copies (digital and print editions combined).  I co-host a fun podcast with author Ryan McKinley, Fanboys on Fiction which has recently seen some success.  I broke 1500 Twitter followers three weeks ago.  This blog sees around 200 viewers per day.

However, I tune in to KDP and see that I’ve only sold one book in a month and then I start to get discouraged.  I look at this massive sequel I’m churning out to a book that didn’t sell very many copies and sigh a little.

So why do I keep writing it, you ask?

The strange reason that I keep writing The Terminarch War is because if I don’t, I’ll go crazy.  I am constantly thinking about how to make it better, tweaking the storyline, tweaking the characters, putting Guillermo into tons more peril but then I pull back and realize that I have to probably start all over with the book.

You know.  Stuff like that happens.

I think that I feel like Jack White in his post-interview after doing a concert for Austin City Limits.  You can watch the entire interview below, but the most interesting thing he says in regard to this blog post begins at 5:36.

He says that he “can’t control” the writing that comes out of him.  He has to have this outlet somehow.  I think that’s the strange reason that I keep going at it even though I’m not famous, don’t make a living off of my novels, and write every day even though my day job is stressful and demanding.

So keep at it, fellow writers!  Because if you are a writer you HAVE TO WRITE!  You have to get those characters and settings and nuances on the page.  Otherwise you’ll go crazy.

Don’t go crazy.  Get to writing.

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