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  • Roger Colby

Along Came Another Story

Yesterday I was driving around town trying my darnedest to find a health food store that was open so I could find a special kind of low carb creamer, and lo and behold an idea for another novel just popped into my brain.

It's a satire set far in our future, like a thousand years or so, and I won't tell you anything else about it for fear of it being stolen. Suffice it to say, it's a good one, and I want to keep it close to the chest until I'm ready to put it out into the world.

I'm still working somewhat diligently on the Roman soldier novel, but I'm finding it much more difficult to write a somewhat historical novel over writing a straight-out science fiction or fantasy story. I get bogged down in endless research such as looking up Roman cadence calls during marches and whether or not a centurion would take the time to talk to a cohort (the lowest ranking soldier) on a personal level. The answer is yes and sometimes.

I need something to piddle with on the side that doesn't take much working out and is more seat-of-my-pants writing. I have the entire soldier novel plotted and sub plotted, characters designed and mapped, but the other one is so that I don't get bogged down in trying to eke out 1000 words a day.

This always happens to me. I always begin working on a project, get deep in, and another idea pops into my head with characters fully developed and all kinds of wonderful fun. After I finish these two novels, I'll start back to working on the one I was doing before I dropped it to write the Roman soldier novel.

Such is the day-to-day of a writer. Writers write. If you aren't writing, then you aren't a writer. I have much work to do for the next few years. As I work toward making my body healthy it is helping me fine tune my mind as well so that I can continue doing this on into my golden years, I suppose.

I won't quit. I love it too much.

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