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An Inspirational Note from the National Anthem

By now, many of you have heard of G. Star Swain.  In case you are the few who haven’t, take a look at this video shot from the Lincoln Memorial when she took a trip there with friends and family from her church as a tourist.

G. Star Swain is a vice principal at a middle school in Tallahassee, Florida.  For years as a youth her parents worked very hard to help her start a singing career, but it never flowered.  She works diligently with students in Tallahassee to see that they get the best education possible.

Because of this viral video, Swain sang the national anthem on Good Morning America recently and is now going to pursue her singing career again while working on a Phd in Education as well.

Something struck me about this video that set this indie writer’s heart aflame.  The striking thing about the video is not just Swain’s voice (which is remarkable) but that she did this on the spur of the moment.  She sang this way without thinking about setting up a microphone, playing to an audience, or putting on her best clothes for a performance.

She did this amazing feat out of raw talent that just exuded from her like rays of sunshine.

As we work very hard to write our best novel or short story or poem, let us remember that even though we don’t think anyone is reading, we still need to do our best to produce the best product for our readers.  If we are lazy, don’t get an editor, throw the cover together on photoshop until it’s “good enough” we will destroy our chances of “going viral”.

If that moment in the sun does come, then let our work be the best we have to offer.  This video would not have gone viral if it were not the best that Swain had to offer.  Let that be the same of writers.

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