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Back On the Horse, But Not At a Full Gallop

I’m out of the woods with the bronchitis, and it has given me a great load of time to think about what I’ll do once I get back to school and try to wrangle my students right before spring break is ticked off the calendar.

I basically had a bronchitis break from school as I have missed nearly every day since last Wednesday because I could barely rise out of bed.  Forgive me, but I didn’t even write anything.  Well, I take that back.  I did write this:

10 Things to to When Afflicted With Bronchitis:

1. Count how many times your cough makes you fart.

2.  Watch the Shih-tzu try his darndest to torment the Weenie-Poodle.

3.  Doze in and out of consciousness.

4.  Think about looking at that stack of papers you brought home from school that hour you showed up and tried to “tough it out” and then went home like a wimp.

5.  Listen to the sound of the wind whipping around the house and making the guttering downspout vibrate against the siding.

6.  Look up movies on Netflix only to sleep through most of them.

7.  Try to post incoherent nonsense on WordPress and call it a post.

8.  Sleep through Davy Jones’s passing and find out Monday.

9.  Moan loudly and listen to how much your voice now sounds like James Earl Jones’s.

10.  Realize that no amount of over the counter medication is going to help.

So here I am, back on the horse, so to speak.  When I get back, I’m going to finish out the time leading up to spring break and the mid-term with a short story project for my students.  They cannot use a list of words that are horrible slang, they may not use “to be” verbs and they will have to go for quality over quantity.  Some of them will moan, but after finally reading those “stream of consciousness” papers I assigned I found out that many of my students have very creative souls.  I can’t wait to see what they turn out.

Oh yeah, and I’ll get back to writing my novel this week, too as soon as I grade all that work I left for the substitute teacher.

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