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Musings of a Hard Working Writer...

  • Roger Colby

Because You Are a Writer…

…you corner total strangers in elevators and share with them the sordid details of your latest villain’s origin story.

…you get up early and stay up late.

…you cause your cousin to never speak to you again one Thanksgiving because you are so “opinionated”.

…you see your spouse give you that look that says “Ok, I get it.  Can we move on?”

…you alienate your friends when the novel is almost done and you just have to finish that last chapter.

…you nitpick over the word “because” or “however” or ten thousand other conjunctives.

…you wake up in the middle of the night, leap out of bed, grab a notebook and lose three hours of sleep.

…your mother is really the only person who understands you.

…you have a metaphor for everything.

…you are able to crank out thousands of words of nonsense and rely on revision later.

…you cry when you kill off one of your own characters that YOU CREATED.

…you actually think about bringing your laptop to Sea World.

…you announce an event for your next novel on Facebook THAT IS TOTALLY FREE and fret that people say they “won’t be attending”.  I mean, IT’S A FREE BOOK!

…you Tweet, Tweet, Tweet.

…you are seen as a curmudgeon.

…you get all excited about cover art.

…you hear people giggle when you talk about your blog.

…you make the world a better place.

…you must, must, must, write.

…you are rare, wonderful, interesting, and need to stop reading this and get back to writing.

Before you do, feel free to add to this list.  I found it rather therapeutic.

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