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Book Launch: The Terminarch War

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It already has a 5 star review!

T2, as I fondly call it, is packed full of near non-stop rising action and suspense with each danger Guillermo faces being greater than the previous. The introduction of a new character gives us a peek at another side of our hero while, later, dealing with betrayal from a trusted ally. Something else I enjoyed was that although this is a sequel and it has its references to book one, it could almost stand alone. T2 was a lot of fun and the ending chapters were riveting. All in all, I loved this story and felt it was a step above the previous installment. I was delighted when the author asked if I would give it a read thru prior to its release and am now totally stoked for the third! -Jason Meuschke

Blurb from the back of the book:

The Bug Queen has found a new and terrifying weapon. Deadlier than ever before, her troops are now waging all-out war on the peaceful citizens of Ontocca.

But Guillermo doesn’t really care about all that. he’s smuggling just to stay alive, and trying to keep bounty hunters off his tail while he seeks the mysterious woman who has exterminated every other Terran in the Five Rims.

During the Queen’s fiercest attack yet, Guillermo’s faithful partner is captured. Not knowing who to trust, Guillermo faces a mountain of harrowing challenges trying to rescue her before it’s too late. Along the way, he discovers the terrible legacy of his Terran ancestors, a legacy that has tainted the lives of all races of the Five Rims and is the secret cause of the Queen’s war.

Currently you can find a Kindle copy of the novel by clicking the cool cover by Jack Johnson to the right or you can find a print edition here!

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