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Book Release: The Terminarch Plot

terminarch plot cover reveal

This book is the culmination of a year’s worth of hard work, sweat and tears to produce the first in a novel series designed to grab readers and take them for a ride similar to what Mad Max: Fury Road did to viewers.  It is a detective novel set in a rich science fiction universe.  It is “Guardians of the Galaxy” meets “The Bourne Identity”.

In this blog post I wanted to not only announce the book and where you can find it, but also to provide a little back story as to how I came up with this idea and the process I took to get this book to this final stage.  I’ll also reveal a little bit about the future of the series.

First, the synopsis:

The human race has dwindled to less than 100 souls, the dying remnant of a once tyrannical empire that conquered the Five Rim worlds only to be overthrown by their alien slaves. Over 100 years later, Guillermo March, born on an alien planet in a small human enclave, awakes from a coma after a botched drug sting takes his arm. As the fog of unconsciousness melts away he is told by his alien security force partner that he is the last human in existence. He is unable to mourn this news because he is immediately thrust into the mystery and intrigue surrounding the bombing that wiped out the remaining humans. The Terminarch Plot is a science fiction mystery novel rife with non-stop action, surprises at the end of each chapter, and a reluctant hero who becomes the sad legacy of the human race. Little does he know that grand schemes and machinations are at work, schemes that will bring about the end of the fragile hegemony formed by the native species of the Five Rim worlds.

The beta readers have commented that the book grabs readers from the start and does not let up until the last page, and then makes them want to read the second book to find out the further secrets that the hero will uncover.  One beta-reader even said he wished that the main character could have had time to take a breath and relax.  It is my hope that this novel will raise questions about our place in the universe as it is based on the premise of the end of the human race.  The main character is the last of his kind.

I spent six months designing the worlds, alien races, ecosystems and governments you will discover in this series.  It was particularly difficult telling this story with some of the physiological limitations of the “bug” race, as they naturally communicate through a series of body language cues and pheromonal scents.  The method by which they communicate with humans and vice versa is something of which I am extremely proud.

There are many other surprises waiting in the page of this one.

The coming novels in the series will continue the adventures of Guillermo March as he discovers the plot to eradicate the human race and bring about an evil that is far reaching in scope and ultimately set in motion by a mysterious and powerful intellect.

All you have to do to experience this thrill-ride is to click on the image on the top right of this page.  That will take you to the Amazon page where this book is being sold.  It’s only $2.99 on Kindle and $12.99 if you like to hold a real book in your hands.

If you read it, then please review it.  I don’t care what kind of reviews I get, as long as I get them.  Be honest.  Hopefully you will enjoy the book, are transported to a future that is bleak and one which makes you think about your own place in the universe.  That is truly all I care about.

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