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Books I Want To Write

I have been writing off and on since the age of 15, but only seriously now for five years.  I have a list of books I want to write someday after finishing the adventure parody epic I’m writing right now.  For many of these I have outlines or have started them.  Here they are:

1. Untitled Roman Soldier Novel – I want to write a first person novel from the perspective of a Roman soldier in jail telling his life story to a cell mate.  In this story, he relates how he (on the periphery) witnessed the life and ministry of Jesus.  He is a soldier who is of the lowest rank and is sort of inept.  It will be full of humor and moments that will make the reader weep joyous tears.

2. Sequel to “The Transgression Box” – I wrote “The Transgression Box” and published it through Outskirts Press in 2009.  I designed the science fiction universe and still have all the notes I took when creating it.  I have many other places I would like Dornin to visit and many other terrible situations to place him in.  There is still much to be told in that universe and it was fun exploring it.

3. An Alternate History Western – I have always wanted to write a western.  My dad loved them and it would be great to write something he would have read and enjoyed had he lived to read it.  I would have to put a spin on it and alter the history toward a science-fiction vein or turn it into a supernatural romance or something, but not with sparkly vampires.  I’d have to spin the conventions that are trendy right now.

4.  Addison March – I fiddle around with a novel that would be my more “literary” offering when I bog down in the book I’m writing right now.  This one may take years to finish.  All I have is a title and a premise: a high school English teacher who during his planning hour walks out to his car and drives across country until he runs out of gas and then walks, sleeps under the stars, and has an adventure ala Charles Portis’s “Norwood”.

5.  My Notebook Is Full – I have several other ideas for novels but many of them are only notes in a worn notebook sitting on top of my dresser.  I get an idea and I jot it down.  1-4 are ideas that at least have outlines or I have started writing. 

I know my ideas are eclectic and kind of all over the place, but I love all kinds of genres and feel that I have the ability to write in them all.  Here’s looking at the future!

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