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Can Writers Ditch Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp?

I'm sure you saw the hearings a few weeks ago. There will be more revelations coming soon. Whistleblower Francis Haugen blew the lid off of Facebook's inner workings as well as the algorithms that govern the sick nature with which these social media destroy the minds of our youth and spur on the more fringe (and downright cringy) aspects of society. If not, then maybe you saw the satirical skit put on by the waveringly popular SNL.

If you don't believe her, then you might believe Sophie Zhangh who corroborates her amazing and tragic tale.

A couple of weeks ago I deleted it all, sending those mentioned social media to the digital dust bin.

But... but... I need those social medias to keep in touch with all my blah-dee-blah. The truth is that you really don't. I now use Twitter exclusively because most of my writer friends are on there anyway. I find Twitter to be a one-stop-shop for all things writing and it's a great place to promote yourself as well as connect with influencers.

I have a website, and that is the most important thing a writer can have above any social media stream. I don't miss Facebook or Instagram, and only having one social media account is freeing in that now I actually have more time to focus on what I should be doing: writing.

I still have the same engagement as before, and I don't have to associate myself with the unfortunate ilk who frequent those sites.

But we are not writers to have a massive social media presence. If people are going to read your books then they will. Word of mouth is the best way to get noticed anyway. As Dave Grohl says, if you write good stuff, people will follow you.

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