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Check This Article: Matthew Ingram Tells It Like It Is

I just wanted to reblog this post. Matthew Ingram says so simply what needed to be said about this industry. The traditional publishers have been in control of the market and “what is publishable” since time immemorial. Things are changing and they don’t want to face the music. The people have the power now.


As more authors choose to do an end-run around the traditional book business by going the self-publishing route, traditional publishers are finding it harder and harder to justify their existence. While some have risen to the industry’s defence — arguing that a good publisher helps refine a book, or acts as a curator by filtering out the lower-quality content — others are ready to do away with them altogether. In the latter group are authors like entrepreneur James Altucher, who argues that everyone needs to become a self-publisher, and J.A. Konrath, who says publishers are tied to a “broken, outdated and increasingly irrelevant business model.”

Altucher, who has been a financial analyst, a stock trader and founded several technology companies over the years, says that anyone who is in business or is a writer of any kind — including bloggers — should publish their own books. E-books are “the…

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