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Christmas Memories

Last family photo with Dad

Today marks the second Christmas Eve without my Dad.  I think of all the holidays, this holiday was Dad’s favorite.  He would never be in a bad mood on this day, he would always smile, want to go out to breakfast with me at the local cafe.

Dad was always difficult to buy for.  This was a man who had everything and yet not much at all.  Dad was not hung up on material wealth because he grew up with nothing.  Dad’s idea of a good Christmas was watching all of us open up gifts and seeing our faces when he managed to find the one thing that would bring a smile to our faces.

Dad understood, wisely, the real reason for Christmas.  Yes, we can sit around and talk about the “reason for the season” or that “we need to remember Jesus this holiday” but do we really mean that?  Dad meant it.  He lived it.  He did not care about getting anything at all and would be content not getting anything for a gift because he had already received the greatest gift of all: New Life.

Dad would always find a gift to give you that didn’t really have any other purpose than making you smile and giving you some cheer.  It had to be practical.  It had to be something you could really use to make your life run a little more smoothly.

I think that is what God does when he gifts us with stuff.  He gives us just what we need when we need it.  Dad had figured this out.  I hope that I can be the same way when choosing gifts for my loved ones.  I need to think about gifts as a symbol of the greatest gift given, not just at Christmas, but all year.


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