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“Come Apart” Will Be On Sale for .99 Cents through 3/31

Cover Design - Come Apart - Final Design


In our lives there is always one event that we wish we could change, to travel back and make a step to the left rather than to the right. Michael Prosper is one such individual who finds himself trapped in his own small town, his mind clouded with amnesia, a vague mist that slowly clears to reveal a waking nightmare of a life gone wrong. It is the story of teenage Danny who also suffers from memory loss, but as the mystery unravels they both discover connections with each other and with the strangeness of the town that ultimately leads them on a journey within, and when the truth about them both is finally revealed, the curtain rises on choices that will forever alter their perception of themselves and the people around them. Come Apart is Roger Colby’s third novel, a science fiction mystery in the tradition of Lost and The Prisoner.

Some reviews:

Five Stars – “The author is a great story teller. The characters are very believable & had me rooting for them. The story builds slowly, but kept interested. I don’t want to give anything away, so if you’re looking for a good ‘what is really going on’story, just read it!”

Four Stars from Michael Wilson – “Only Roger Colby writes better than Ludlum. Speaking as a man whose life isn’t exactly where he wants it to be, I find Roger’s main character Michael to be pretty compelling. Add the creepy vagabond and the amnesiac teenager who connect with him in SOME way…that Roger cleverly conceals until pages from the end. Reminds me a little of Joss Whedon’s ‘Cabin in the Woods’ in that you get the feeling that SOMEONE knows what’s going on, but Roger never gives away too much of the mystery. There ARE clues here and there, and I did piece some of them together so I didn’t feel like a complete dummy at the reveal. I followed Roger’s blog leading up to the release and his design of the cover is completely appropriate for how this story unfolds…one puzzle piece at a time!”

You can find the book by clicking the cover to the right of this post.  Get yours while it’s cheap!

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