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Common Core Posters That Teach Writing Skills

I have been teaching Advanced Placement Language and Composition and Literature for over 10 years.  If you have been teaching any form of Advanced Placement, I have news for you: You are already teaching to common core standards.  Many teachers this time of year are scrambling to decorate their classrooms to best utilize the learning environment, or if they are simply trying to entertain, they tack Avengers posters to their walls and hope for the best.

Somewhat insulting image courtesy Argus

I think that all posters on classroom walls should teach some kind of concept.  However, if we peruse the internet shelves or drive down to the local office supply store, we find that most of the posters are on the subject of motivation, are too small to be seen, or in some cases are downright insulting to students.

About a year ago I discovered a website that will take any .jpeg image of less than a meg and convert it into a large wall poster.  What they do (for free) is take your uploaded image, cut it into several pieces and then allow you to download a watermark free copy of your picture in .pdf format for you to print, put together, laminate and hang on your classroom wall.  I usually go to OfficeMax and have them print off color copies on card stock paper for around .58 cents a copy, then I laminate the posters for .25 cents a foot at my local Mardel’s Christian Book Store.  I could go to the central office at my school and laminate for free, but I don’t mind when it’s .25 cents a foot.

I spent some time and effort creating the following three posters.  You may download them and use them in your classroom.  Simply click the link for each picture, download it, and then go to Blockposters.com and create your own poster.  I used Pixelmator to create the following posters.

This first poster is a list of words that are not allowed in my classroom.  These words are: you/your, stuff, things, got/gonna, was/were/is/am/went, and contractions.  These words are not only defined and explained, but each section of the poster instructs students about alternatives to these lazy words.

Click here to download this poster.

The second poster is one that teaches students the common core standard of commentary using descriptive verbs.  I have provided a “plug in” sentence where students “plug in” a descriptive verb.  I have also provided an extensive list of descriptive verbs for them.  The bottom of the poster illustrates the three main argumentative appeals: logic, morals and emotions.

Click this link to download this poster.

The final poster is one that teaches students how to use symbols to find a universal theme or message in a text.

Click here to download this poster.

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