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Cover Reveal: Final Covers for Come Apart and This Broken Earth

I am waist deep in the production of the print edition of my newest novel Come Apart and my e-book only novel This Broken Earth.  I planned to release both of them together, as I will shortly, probably the first of next week.

I took everyone’s advice about cover art that made suggestions, and now have the finished covers for both books to display on this post for your perusal.  These are the finished products, and soon these two books will be available in print.  This Broken Earth is already available, but the definitive edition (with changes to my female characters to make them stronger and more realistic, not so cardboard) will be posted with the print edition linked to it and vice versa.  A Kindle e-book of Come Apart will be released with the print edition.

Look for both of these next week, and I will announce a huge promotion to kick them both off!

Cover Design - Come Apart - Final Design

This Broken Earth - Final Cover

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