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Creating Characters and Grading Research Papers

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The 11th grade research paper was due and I have been in the middle of grading them.  Such is my life.

However, in the midst of this, I have been thinking about what makes excellent characterization as I construct my newest character driven novel series.

In Orson Scott Card’s book Character and Viewpoint, he states that when creating characters, writers must ask three questions: “Who?” “So What?” and “Huh?”

What Scott Card means by this is that we first must answer who the character is, why the reader should care about the character and then finally the writer must remove all doubt about whether or not the reader should follow this character throughout the writer’s narrative.

As you can imagine, this takes a lot of work on our part as the writer, but as the title of this blog signifies, writing is not for the lazy.  Sure, most of us base our characters on people we know or maybe even ourselves, but the most interesting characters are those that are a little off kilter, a little odd, or even downright strange.  I put together a few tips of my own that will address Scott Card’s questions concerning crafting characters, and I hope they help you as well:


Well, now that I’ve shot out these few tips for the week, it’s off to grading the rest of the research papers.  I only have seven left.  Cheers!

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