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Day After Fireworks Apocalyptic .99 Cent Book Bargain!

This Broken Earth - Final Cover

Well, my book has nothing to do with that and at once…everything.  Now is the time, kiddies.  Now is the time to buy my post-apocalyptic epic saga for the measly price of .99 cents!

From July 5th through July 12th, my second novel, This Broken Earth, will be on sale for Kindle for the incredibly low price of .99 cents!  

Click on over to the website to find it, and as you try to wile away the hours in your lead reinforced super-bunker, wolfing down yet another can of Dinky-Dee Dog Food, you can at least kill a few hours reading my book.

Just click on the picture to be taken to the end of the world…I mean…This Broken Earth

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