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Food of China – Top 10 Favorite Dishes

This little cutie is checking out the morning news while feasting on delicious rao jia mo.

As some of you may know, I spent five weeks in the lovely country of China as an English teacher helping my fellow teachers with methodology, pedagogy and lesson plans.  One of the highlights of my trip was the food.  In this A to Z post, I have decided to list my top ten favorite dishes in no order of importance because food in China is absolutely fresh, without preservatives and tastes like they have had a few thousand years to perfect it…and they have.

9.  Rao jia mo – I often ate these for lunch.  They are stewed mutton meat with your choice of slivered potato, elephant ear fungus, carrots, or any other veggie.  If you don’t tell them otherwise, they will put a huge chunk of fat on the burger with the bread (it’s kind of like pita) and since my palate was too western for that I would always tell them to leave it off.  It cost a little extra to do that, but man was that sandwich good!

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