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Four Writing Processes: What Is Your Red-Zone?

I don’t think I have approached the writing of any novel the same way twice, and I’ve written three of them so far.  Currently I’m working on a fourth, and have discovered that as I write more and more I grow as a writer and find better processes to create the novels I want to write.  I wanted to share a few of the processes that I have used and am currently using to produce (hopefully) quality writing.

  1. Writing and Rewriting – For my latest WIP, I first spent six months designing a system of planets in a far-flung galaxy, a place where the human race fled from their own ruined solar system, only to conquer the races who lived there.  The novel is set over 100 years after the natives of those planets rose up and overthrew their conquerors, a time when the human race has been reduced to less than fifty individuals.  The novel is also a murder mystery, and I have a detailed outline of the plot, but I’m finding that the best writing I have done has been when I come back to a chapter I wrote weeks ago to rewrite it into something so much better.  I have changed the sex of certain characters, added characters, worked in several sub-plots that required the revision of several chapters, but am managing to keep to my daily quota of words written even when I erase entire paragraphs.  I’m still on target to finish the rough draft by May 1st so that I can revise it a couple of times before sending it to beta readers, but I feel like I’ve written some of the best material of my life as a writer.

What is your writing process?  Has it evolved over time like mine or is it stagnating?  Post below with comments so that we can all learn from one another.

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