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Free Book Giveaway: Day 3

day 3 results

I saw a little spike when I announced the book release to my Facebook followers.  I basically set up an event and then invited everyone.  I know it’s spamming to some extent, but it drove people to the site to download free copies.  I have now given away 153 copies.  Let’s hope that will translate to sales.

Again, if you have downloaded a free copy, read the book then take a few moments to review it on Amazon.  That is a small price to pay for getting a free book of such quality.  Much hard work went into the production of the book, with writing, editing, cover design, formatting and typesetting.  The least readers could do is review it…and be honest.  I feel that this is the strongest thing I’ve written, but I’ll take my lumps if it’s bad.  All the beta readers loved it.

The book is only free for another 36 hours.  Get your copy while it lasts.  After that the price hikes up to an unaffordable $2.99!

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