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Free Kindle Giveaway: Wrap Up

Cover Design - Come Apart - Final Design
  1. Listed the free book on several free book listing sites.  Find it here.  Just scroll to the bottom of the page, click on the links and list your book!

  2. Listed the free book on a few paid listing sites.  Galleycat has several sites listed.  Some of them are paid services and only charge a maximum of $20.  Some of them only charge $5.  They have massive Twitter followings and will tweet about your book for a week.

  3. Made a Goodreads event.  I have several followers on Goodreads and created an event for them to join which led them to the site.

  4. Made a Facebook event.  I invited all of my Facebook friends and many of them trucked on over to pick up their free Kindle copy.

Those who commented were guilted into the idea that since they received a free book they should go write a review when they finish it.  This should (if all goes according to plan) garner a few reviews on Amazon, which is the little push most buyers need to get them to buy your book if they are on the borderline.

I will leave the Kindle edition at $2.99, and have already sold some copies of it from those people who went to the site late and missed the free deadline.  99 cents is too little to charge for a book because you don’t make enough money on it to matter.  $2.99 is just enough to garner a little profit while not being too expensive for potential buyers.  I also did a print edition for those few people who do not have a device upon which to read the book.

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