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Fun With Mindnode

I have seen many posts recently from writers who agonize over organization or simply coming up with great ideas.  My suggestion is to pop on over to Mindnode and download a copy of their program today.

Mindnode is a program that works like a virtual chalkboard.  Upon opening the program, you are given a blank screen with a small box in the middle where you type your first idea.

Once you type in your first idea, you can click on a plus sign near that idea to create a colored branch that will end in another text box for you to type yet another related idea.  You can create giant webs of ideas, draw dotted connection lines, create relationships between ideas, group ideas and generally move them all over the board by clicking and dragging them.

MIndnode can help you tame the disorganization demons.

You can also, with the click of a button, collapse branches or instantly branch out to three more nodes.  You can insert URLs, export to pretty much any program and export the file to a multitude of formats from PDF to PNG.

I have used this program to map out plots, develop characters and keep track of several types of things.  It’s very handy and I hope you will at least try out the free version.  I receive absolutely no kickback from the company except for the fact that I am a very satisfied customer.  It is simple, effective, and doesn’t have a lot of frills.  It is just as I like it.

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