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  • Roger Colby

Getting Emotional

Last night I sat down to write a set amount of words to get to 50000 by July 30th. I only had to write 550 to meet my quota, but I ended up writing 1100 words instead.

The reason was that for the first time in a long while I was in the zone. This is the place that many writers dream about but so little achieve. It's the place where the characters, the setting, the plot and the theme all collide and you can't write fast enough to keep up with your brain.

But there was an added effect of writing this particular scene which became a full on chapter: I wept like a child.

The scene was about something so deeply personal, something that struck me to the core. I can't really explain it without someone reading what I wrote, but suffice it to say it was very powerful stuff. A couple of beta reader friends of mine came away with the same reaction, both of them saying that I left my soul on the page.

I'm excited to get back in it tonight, but it will be late because my daughter is coming over for dinner. But I'll do it, and I may kick out another 1100. Here's hoping.

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