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How I’m Using Facebook Advertising

Well, The Terminarch Plot has been available for 6 weeks and my sales are pretty dismal.  I’m undaunted, however.  Recently I was paid for an editing job and that gave me some capital to throw at the problem.

Rather than throw money around willy-nilly (which would be irresponsible) I decided to spend some time doing research to figure out what would be the best way to reach the most potential readers without spending a fortune.  I am now passing this information on to you.

The first thing I did was create a Facebook page for the new novel series.

terminarch plot facebook

I used “Product/Service” and when I do my Kindle Countdown Deal (dropping the cost of the Kindle edition to .99 cents for 7 days) I’ll invite all of my Facebook friends to the page.  If they click “Shop Now” they will be taken to the Amazon page to buy the book.  At the same time, I will click on “Promote Website”.

If you click this, you will be taken to a page where you can (for $20 per day for 7 days) get an estimated 47-87 clicks per day going directly to your book page.  This is only $140 total and is a really good buy because Facebook will only target people who like to read science fiction or whatever genre you select.

With this and a couple of other websites (Ignite Your Book, Bargainbooksy and Digitalbookstoday.com) I will reach thousands of potential readers and hopefully get a few of them to bite.  I will post again after the campaign and provide the results of my efforts.

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