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How to Get a Free Book!

In so doing, I thought a good incentive would be to offer a freebie, so I’m offering The Transgression Box, my first novel, as a free gift for signing up on the list.

Let it be known that I will NOT spam subscribers with email or share their e-mail addresses with anyone, but will use the e-mail list to build a relationship with readers.

I’ll be sending out newsletters about twice a month, and these will be exclusive content, almost like a writer’s magazine.  It will be things I don’t post on the blog, stuff like awesome links to great articles about writing, geeky stuff, and also updates about new projects being published by yours truly.  It is also a forum for guest articles, for shouting out about your new book (that’s right, yours) and other secret web articles I have found to be incredibly beneficial to writers – not to mention contests and magazines looking for submissions.

Simply look to the top of this webpage and click on “Get A Free Book!”, enter the details and what format you would like for the free book, and look forward to a special first issue of the newsletter in a few weeks!


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