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I Am Offering Editing Services

The phrase that pays.

As you may notice, I have a new tab at the top of my blog page.  At the request of several people I have decided to offer editing services to anyone who wishes to have their novel or short story chopped down to a more workable form.  The following are the details:

1.  I will charge 0.01 cent per word which is less than the going rate and allows me to be competitive.

2.  I will not only copyedit a text (grammar, readability, flow, continuity), but I will also proofread and critique the text as well.

3.  Credentials: I have taught writing for over 15 years, have written my own fiction for over 25 years, participated in writing groups for over 15 years, and hold an English degree with a minor in Creative Writing from Oklahoma Baptist University which at the time I graduated was one of the top liberal arts colleges in the nation.

If you are interested, pop on over to the page and fill out the contact form.  I will return your request promptly.

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