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I’ve Been Nominated for the Blog of the Year 2012 Award

Update: I now have three stars thanks to Laith Preston!

Update: Now I have four thanks to Hunter Emkay!

You can find a copy of the “rules” here at “The Thought Palette“.

I follow several fantastic blogs, and so here are my nominations (I kept them to 5):

  1. Susan Rocan at MyWitherShins

  2. Robert Chazz Chute is a fantastic crime writer and expert on all things Indie

  3. Lisa Winkler at “Cycling Grandma” who writes interesting content about her life and writing experience.

  4. Laith Preston over at “Laith’s Ramblings” who is another indie author, dad and hard worker.

  5. Armand Rosamilla, writer of horror fiction and fellow indie writer.

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