Writing Is Hard Work

Musings of a Hard Working Writer...

  • Roger Colby

In Gentle Rain A Quiet Voice

Out the creaking school door,

A quiet walk to the grocer for lunch;

Soft rain falls on glistening concrete,

A lunchtime jaunt for a low-carb meal.

As shoes sling droplets of cold water,

Then kick out under those little orbs,

My toes grow cold and damp,

And I, too late, second guess my walk.

But as the vehicles pass by,

Each one a little world of dry warmth,

I hear a small voice speak to me,

His gentle love a hearth of comfort.

"In the rain I am with you,

The rain necessary for life,

The rain of estranged daughters,

of sick children, and deep depression."

And so I smile, turn my hooded face up,

And thank Him for the rain

That draws me closer to Him

And on that gentle voice I lean.

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