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Kid Diplomacy: What We Can All Learn

"Wanna Mento?" (Pause) "Wanna quarter?

Something happened to my son at school that made me think about the way that adults and for that matter even nations treat each other and what we can all learn from children.

My son had a falling out with his best friend at school Friday.  Something happened on the playground, then words were exchanged, then it became really ugly, but at the end of the day, and after the two of them had a good cry, they were brought together by their mothers by the cars in the parking lot and this was the exchange:

There was a long pause as they stared at each other for a bit, and then Conner’s friend reached in his pocket and held out something small and white.

“Wanna Mento?” he said.

My son reached in his pocket and offered his own item.

“Wanna quarter?”

And with that, the two boys were the best of friends again.

What can we learn from this?  How many people have you had friendships with that became sour that you have shunned for life?  How many arguments have you had with family members that boil down to selfish and “adult” reasons?  Why can’t we just be like these two boys?  Why can’t our governments be like them?

In many ways, I suppose we are more immature than our children.

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