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Killing the Narrator

When creating an outline for a novel, I think very carefully about point of view. The biggest problem I usually have is picking a point of view that works for the entire novel but also has a thematic purpose. Today’s most common point of view is third person singular which follows one character throughout the novel, but in order to make your novel stand out it takes much work to make this point of view (or any point of view for that matter) sing.

So I was thinking about my current WIP and how I’m bored with the point of view. What if the entire novel is a first person interview and the interviewer dies toward the end of the interview and then the very next chapter is written in third person singular from the perspective of the interviewee? Has anyone reading this ever seen anything done like this so that I can have a reference for its success or will this break the flow too much?

The purpose is not simply sensationalism or novelty, but it falls in line with my theme which is along the lines of making one’s life count for something.

Any thoughts?

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