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  • Roger Colby

Lovely Beaver's Bend

This has been (so far) a rough academic year for this English teacher/novelist. We've faced another year of pandemic woes, Devi@ntlicks TikTok trends and a freshman class acting like middle schoolers because they technically haven't been in school since 7th grade. And then there's the Covid writer's block.

Thanks to my lovely wife (pictured second from left playing an engaging game of chicken foot) I had a restful morning walking in the woods and along a country road.

I'm thankful for this trip, which I reluctantly agreed to attend, and thankful for my lovely family and good friends. As writers, or just humans, we need to get away periodically, and if you can manage it (you don't have to rent a cabin) you should get away to rest and reflect.

I'll enter next week ready to face the classroom and help my students be better writers and better people. I'll work in my writing notebook and transfer my story clock notes to that planner to continue crafting this world I'm excited about making.

I can't wait to punch your ticket, dear reader, to the hover-train that will transport you there. This kind of rest is needed to rejuvenate the mind and re-energize the creative spark.

So go for a walk, listen to a good podcast on creativity or read good writing for inspiration. Soon you will be back on the path to that wild story you've been itching to write.

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