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‘Merican Food and My Current Health Ordeal

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A week ago I went to the doctor for a checkup, not necessarily because I wanted to, but because my insurance company was going to pay for it and I was going to get $200 out of the deal.

Well, the results are in, and they aren’t good.

From my blood test, it was determined that three things are very bad about my circulatory system:

  1. High Blood Pressure – I consistently top out at 156/80 (on average) and that is a resting blood pressure.

  2. High Cholesterol – My total cholesterol count was 238, with my LDL-C being 180.

  3. Insulin Resistance – It appears that there “is evidence of significant insulin resistance.”  All this means is that my pancreas is working overtime and that my blood is showing the very early stages of possible diabetes.

Time for this ‘merican diet to end.  I love Dr. Pepper.  I love fried food.  I have been gluten free since August 2012, but now I am going to take drastic measures to ensure that I (A) don’t have a stroke or (B) don’t have a heart attack or (C) get diabetes.

As of today I have made the choice to go Whole30 or begin a Paleo-Diet.  If you do a quick Google search of Whole30 or Whole9, you will find out that we are, indeed, what we eat.  A lifetime of sugary, starchy foods have done their number on me.  I will be posting on this blog in 30 days to give a report of what has happened.

Today I had three boiled eggs and apple slices in cinnamon for breakfast, a beef and tomato sautee with green beans and garlic for lunch and for dinner I ate a tilapia fillet with olive oil, garlic and thyme with a plate full of green veggies.  I have not snacked, I have not had sugar or any sweetener, and I have not had dairy.

The great thing about the Whole30 lifestyle is that instead of telling you what you can’t eat, they give you a giant list of delicious items that you can eat.

Am I jonesing for all that ‘merican food?  You bet.  However, I hope to be better off in 30 days, and as the experts declare, only 9.  I have many more books to write, and I see this experience as yet another life experience to use in a novel someday.

I know I’ll be better and healthier for it.

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