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My Abysmal Facebook Promotion Ad

Last week I posted that I was going to try out a Facebook ad to drive traffic to my Amazon page where my book was listed at a Kindle countdown price of .99 cents.

I’ll have to admit…I had high hopes.

Well, I quit the ad yesterday.

I’d spent a little over $100 after about five days, and only had a few books to show for it.  I’d reached a few people as the following graphic illustrates:


The first number is how many Facebook pages my ad landed on (Dude, that’s a lot!).  The second number is how many people actually moused over it or looked at it.  The third number is how many people actually clicked on the “shop now” button to send them to the book site.

As you can see from the following graphic, my sales were pretty abysmal:

facebook promotion

The top line is 3 books.  All told I sold 5 books, netting about $4.50.  I spent over $100.  I guess you have to spend money to make money, but it is kind of sad and depressing when I look at it that way.  If I spent $100 on, say, having shirts printed up but only sold the sleeve of one of them to someone who needed to wipe their nose with it, I’d probably feel the same way as I do about these sales.

The way I should look at it is…hey!…I sold 5 books!  That will be five people who will hopefully enjoy it, tell their friends, and then the friends will hopefully buy one themselves when the price goes back up to $2.99 in a few days.

Here’s hoping.  However, I think I’ll look for other ways to get the word out about my book than Facebook.  It is indeed the cheapest form of advertising out there, but I don’t know how many people actually buy things from Facebook.  They have awesome ads for The Jacket Maker, a site that makes cool Batman jackets that I really would love to have, but I’ll probably never buy anything from them because their jackets are out of my price range, and by me clicking on their ad it cost them money.  But I’m not buying.

Apparently neither are the people who clicked on my ad.

I don’t fault Facebook at all.  I fault myself for sticking with the ad after days of little to no sales.  I’m to blame for spending so much for such little return.

This doesn’t make me quit writing, doesn’t make me quit publishing books and hoping that people will “catch on”.  I still sell books at book signings and usually sell out at those events.  I suppose that’s good.  I’ve written several times what I think about the myth of the “best seller”, and I do not have any illusions, but it would be nice to go viral just once.

Rant over.

Also, The Terminarch Plot is on sale over at Amazon for only .99 cents for a few more days.  If you buy out of sympathy, that’s great, but I’m sure you’ll love the book.  It’s getting really good reactions from the people who bought it from me, who don’t review it on Amazon, but who tell me via e-mail or over the phone or when I see them around where I work or play or go to church.  It’s actually a good read.  Really it is.

Second rant over.

If you have experimented with any sure fire or horribly abysmal ways to market your book, post them below.  We can all cry on each other’s shoulders…in a digital sense.

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