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My First Guest Post!

Wrote a guest blog article about balancing writing with the demands of 4 children. Go over to ileandrayoung.com to check it out!

Writing: A Conversation Without Interruptions

Soooooo! In answer to my Call for Guest Posts I do have a selection of posts for you from various sources. These fabulous people have been kind enough to take time out of their days to write up a little something for this blog because I’m so crazy busy! You’ll see these pop up over the coming weeks so be sure to keep coming back!

The first post of the selection is kindly written by Roger Colby and a post I particularly like (it has to be said) since it contains tips that I may well be able to use myself. And it begins with a truly adorable picture!!! Awwww. 😀 Thank you very much, Roger!!!


I am a father of four, and as Ileandra Young is about to bring twins into the world and knows full well, children can to some extent put a damper on the fire…

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