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NaNoWriMo Time Management Tip #2: Media is a No-No

Daniel Craig in the gun barrel sequence that e...

It will be tempting to go see Skyfall, but it will be in theaters for a while…at least past December.  Get to writing!(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today’s tip is a warning.  If there is one thing that can quickly waste my time as a writer it’s media.  I know you are reading this blog right now, but I will be quick.

This month, James Bond will celebrate his 50th anniversary in film with Skyfall starring Daniel Craig.  Rick, Carl, Darrel, Laura, and, yes, Merle (shudder) will continue on their adventures in The Walking Dead.  Ralph will Wreck It.  But this is not of your concern.  This is why people invented DVR’s.  If you do not have a DVR like myself (or cable for that matter) the networks have websites where they air their fine programs for free for 48 days before taking them down off the website.  Wait until December and watch them then.  If you work a day job like me, coming home and wasting time watching television or going to the movies will only cut into that coveted six hour window I wrote about yesterday, in which you will only have to write about 230 words an hour.

Why stress?

Cut. Out. The. Media.

Good luck!

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