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NaNoWriMo Tip #18: Focus on the Intent

One thing that is very difficult at this stage in the NaNoWriMo project is the daily grind.  Some writers find it difficult to crank out a scene or will bog down in telling the story or moving the action along.  Where to go next, you ask?

One thing that I do that helps me to move along and write that 1000 word a day personal goal is to remember not necessarily what I am writing but why I am writing.  I have spoken much on this blog about the “soapbox idea” that drives my writing, the thing that causes me to talk for hours about my concerns about the world.  That is the thing that you must pin on a piece of paper and place it before your eyes so that you will never lose the vision for why your story is being written.

Of course I want to have great character interaction, fantastic dialogue, artful description that is not too wordy and various other stylistic mumbo jumbo, but the thing that drives the why of my novel is ever before me, burned into my memory through a daily examination of why I am spending these varied hours of my day in front of this keyboard.

Remember: Focus on the intent.

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