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NaNoWriMo Tip #20: Write Blind

A blind man writing with the Mauler machine

This blog is related to the blog post I wrote yesterday.  Often when I write, I write whole chunks of text and then the Inner Critic Faerie pops in and tells me to change what I just wrote because it is unbecoming of my ability.  I have to ignore that sometimes and just write on in order to fulfill my daily regimen.

One of the ways you can avoid this entirely is to close your eyes and start writing.  I would not suggest this to people who are still using pen and paper, but just close your eyes and start typing.

This will do three things:

1.  Allow you to write unhindered without worrying about spelling or type-os or bad grammar (that should be revised anyway during the editing process).

2.  Free you up in the creation department so that your Inner Critic Faerie will be silenced for a while so you can get done.

3.  Allow you to visualize your story better since you will not be staring at a screen full of words, but spending time in the dark with your demons… or angels for that matter.

Now stop reading this and get back to writing!

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