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NaNoWriMo Tip: Three Runners in the Race

I'm three days in to the National Novel Writing Month project and I'm really feeling the pressure. I have several methods for keeping on track, but one method I use to stay in the game is something that I think many of you could use now that we are only a few days in.

What I do is the first day I write my first chapter of my book (after a lengthy and detailed planning session I did in October). The first chapter is in one point of view, namely third person omniscient. On the second day, I write the same chapter in first person from one character's point of view. The third day I might write that first chapter again from yet another character's point of view.

What this allows me to do is if I get stuck later on in the crafting of the novel, I can step back and work from one of the point of views I created at the start. This gives me an opportunity to look at the story from a different perspective and go with the one that seems to work the best for the narrative.

Even though you are probably reading this blog post on day four it's not too late for you to try this. Trust me. It will make sense later on, and if you are worried about staying true to the NaNoWriMo model, it only says you have to get to 50K words by the 30th, not whether or not you write a completed novel. At least you are working on the same novel and just working out all the kinks of point of view. After all, point of view problems seem to be the number one reason writers hit a snag in the middle of the project.

Try it. Happy writing!

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