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  • Roger Colby

Notes From the NICU: Paperback Version Release

The paperback edition of my book “Notes From the NICU: Overcoming Catastrophic Trial” is a labor of love.  I wrote it to help people dealing with very hard suffering.  It is a book to help people not just cope with terrible trials but overcome them and move on with their lives.

My son Conner was born at 24 weeks gestation and weighed 1 pound 8 ounces and was 12 inches long.  He had to be hooked up to a respirator and several other wires and machines just to survive.  This book chronicles our journey through this trial and how God helped us to move through it and to become closer to Him through the process.

I couldn’t think of a better book to release on Christmas Day than this book.  It is a book that celebrates the idea that we need to renew and revitalize our relationship with Jesus Christ.  It is a testimony to the miracles that God still does on a daily basis, a symbol of the miracle that is the Christmas holiday.

God bless you all this Christmas and I hope you have a wonderful new year!


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