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Nothing Like Snow To Help An Indie Novelist

The view outside my front door today.  Time to get busy working on the edit for "Come Apart"

The view outside my front door today. Time to get busy working on the edit for “Come Apart”

Today is a great day to write.

I’m a teacher by trade, and also an independent novelist, but sometimes my job makes me so tired that I have days where I don’t have time (or am too tired from the job) to crank out any words.  However, this weekend is a Godsend.  School has been cancelled for Thursday and Friday, and it looks like the ice under this four inches of snow (so far) will keep us locked in the house for a few days more.

My kids have plenty to do, with Axis and Allies, Risk 2210, Heroscape, and later I’ll take them on a journey through the Star Wars Roleplaying Game.  Out come the books and they go to making characters for their adventure.  Meanwhile I have plenty of time to crack open my latest novel Come Apart, and get busy editing it since I have purposefully not looked at it in over a week.

I should be able to get a great chunk of it edited this weekend between the movie marathons and the fun times with my children.  I have my bedroom where I can retire to work with the door shut for a few hours per day, and it should work out fine.

It is a difficult thing balancing work and a writing career (which is a full time job in itself).  What types of coping mechanisms do you have, oh reader?  How do you balance a full time job and a family and a writing obsession?  Post below, because I don’t have all the answers.

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